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If you want to show up in search engines, you will have to submit your site, (Search engine submission) or wait for a search engine spider to visit or index your site.

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How to get listed in search engines: search engine placement
If you want to show up in search engines, you will have to submit your site, (Search engine submission) or wait for a search engine spider to visit or index your site.

The search engine than decides if your pages are important enough to be included in the database or not. Many factors on and around your site will determine if your page will get a top rank for specific keywords or a listing on the 323th search engine result page (SERP).

Optimizing these factors will result in higher rankings. (Website Optimization) The combination of search engine submission and optimization in order to get a top rank is what we call search engine placement.

So how do I submit my website?

Submitting your website can be done manually to each search engine that allows you to submit your site to their database.
Example: Submitting to Google can get you listed in the Google database.

Many search engine partnered with each-other and get their results from one single database. For these search engines submission to the main source will get you listed on the whole partner network.
Example: Submitting to Entireweb will get you listed on Entireweb, Mamma, Ixquick, Search 66 and Windseek.

Other search engines use each others databases. Example: Google uses the Open directory results from Netscape, Netscape uses the search results from Google.

Addme can take care of the submission process for you. It is our job to submit sites, and we know our way around when it comes to submitting sites. More important, you might submit sites that are unlikely to be included due to not following up the search engines guide lines.

Where do I submit my site?

You should get your website listed on the search engines that matter; the search engines that receive the most traffic. Currently you want to be listed on Google and Yahoo for sure. Although most visitors will come from the biggest search engines it would be unconsiderable to ignore the smaller ones. Every single visitor might turn into a customer ! When you are listed in many search engines you can expect visitors from many places.

Addme submits your site to about 150 search engines, the big search engines by hand, the smaller using a professional automated submission program.

So why are my rankings so low?

The most common reason for ranking low is that you don't make clear to search engines what your site is about. If a search engine doesn't know, it has no reason to give you a top ten position for the keyword you want ! Addme helps by pointing out the ways how you can make your site rank better for the keywords you would like to rank high for. We might tell you to choose other keywords, change some minor phrases and paragraphs, but we can also ask you to totally revise your whole site. This depends on the way you made your site.

So what should I do now?

If you are just starting out, it is a wise choice to partner with addme. We do not only 'do our job' by submitting and suggesting changes, we also tell you what we do and why you will have to make the changes we suggest. This way you feel more comfortable when you want to make changes to your site later. You will have a better insight in what helps and what hurts.

Why don't you ask 2,50$ for your submission like one of your competitors does?

Paying 2,50$ for submitting your site will not help you. It sounds great but compare it with this example:

Buy this 3/4" bolt for only 10 cents ! It will allow you to build houses, even sky scrapers, you can easily build yourself a supersonic jet fighter with this extremely low-priced bolt.

Morale: It's just a bolt. It is useless on its own unless you know what to do with it !

A top rank in search engines for a good keyword can give you a nice income. Getting a top rank means good business, and you don't buy good business by using a two dollars fifty automated software tool !

Let Addme promote your site

  • Get listed on more search engines: Submit your website up to four times to 150 search engines!
  • Get better rankings on search engines: Get a personal, detailed website optimization consult and make your website visible to more search engines and visitors!
  • Get more sales: Analyzing your site with customer experience in mind!

Search engine visibility, the key to top ranks
All this for only $39.95, successive months (optional) cost only $29.95 !

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