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how to add your website to lycos

Lycos, originally a project of the Carnegie Mellon University, is part of the Terra Lycos Network, operating many well known sites like HotBot,Angelfire, Tripod and wired news. Terra Lycos operates in 42 countries in 19 languages, reaching 118 million unique monthly visitors worldwide.

Lycos Web Results are brought to you by FAST, a third-party Internet search and filtering company formed in 1997 at a technical university in Norway, and Inktomi (Overture).In addition, Looksmart’s editorally-reviewed results are within the first ten results if relevant. Lycos also integrates editorial content from the Lycos Network as the first result only if content is available or relevant. It will be labeled as "from the Lycos Network" next to the result/component. The web results also includes paid inclusion brought to you by Looksmart and FAST.

How to Submit your website to Lycos

Pay per click or Pay per inclusion listings in Overture will get you listed on Lycos. Using Lycos' insite program will also list you on Fast & Inktomi. We managed to get quite a few pages listed using the Lycos free submission, but some of those are last indexed 6 months ago. For serious listings it is best to pay for your inclusion in Lycos. You will have to create an 'insite lycos' account to be able to Submit your website to Lycos free.

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