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HotBot is owned by Lycos. The main (default) search results come from the Overture database. HotBot allows searchers the flexibility to view search results from multiple indices including Lycos, Google and Ask Jeeves.

How do I submit my website to HotBot?

Submitting your site to Overture will list you on Hotbot. In order to do this, you will have to sign up with the Lycos network first. Your listings can show up on MSN, Lycos and Hotbot. If you purchase our submission/optimization service, we submit your site through our own account. (no sign-up) Other options are to include your site in Google, Fast or Teoma, to get your website listed when HotBot searchers use the non-default search settings.

So what do they like at HotBot? How can I rank higher on inktomi?

Form HotBot help: Basic factors affecting a page's ranking include the words in the title, keyword meta tags, word frequency in the document, and document length. (Note: we see results from 2kB to 50kB in the first results, so we can't tell what document length has to do with the page ranking on hotbot/inktomi.) Further tips from the Lycos help-section on higher rankings:
  • Write great content that human searchers would understand and do not try to trick the Search Engine’s algorithms.
  • Use keywords that searchers use to find your website in the meta-data. Use your web logs to determine the keywords. Don’t guess!
  • Make sure your web content mentions those keywords near the top of the page. For instance, place the keywords in the headline or in the first paragraph on the page.
  • Repeat keywords more than once within your web page, but don’t over do it. Too much repetition is considered spam.

What they don't like at HotBot

We're aware that some people create pages to maliciously "spoof" search engines. Spoofing a search engine makes search engines return pages that are irrelevant to the search, or pages that rank higher than their content warrants. Common spoofing techniques include the repetition of words, the inserting of meta tags unrelated to the document's content, or the use of words that cannot be read due to their small size or color. If HotBot detects search-engine spoofing, it will significantly downgrade a page's ranking.

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