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Search engine Altavista indexes 1.2 billion-pages, about 4 times less than google, 3 times less than it's (Yahoo) brother Alltheweb. AltaVista, or 'view from above' is a very good search engine if you are looking for media files and news.

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Add your URL to Altavista.

Submission to Altavista can be done
  • manually through the site,
  • by using our submission service (see bottom of the page), or
  • through overture's pay-per-click & inclusion service.

More About Altavista

Search engine Altavista indexes 1.2 billion-pages, about 4 times less than google, 3 times less than it's (Yahoo) brother Alltheweb. AltaVista, or 'view from above' is a very good search engine if you are looking for media files and news. Users can search for results in over 25 languages as well as perform multimedia searches for more than 270 million MP3/Audio, Video, and image documents. The recent change of ownership has given Altavista Yahoo's search technology (YST). In our opinion this is a positive development for the search engine that seems to suffer from a lack of 'freshness'. The last recorded milestone on the site dates back to 2002!

More ways to submit to

A listing in the 'directory mozilla', or, will be mirrored on the Altavista directory. The dmoz categories are almost hidden on the left side of the screen, while the related overture results (pay per click) dominate the rest of the screen. The actual dmoz results are listed below the sponsored results in the 'Site Recommendations' section.

Things they don't like at Altavista

  • Pages with text that is not easily read, either because it is too small or is obscured by the background of the page
  • Pages with off-topic or excessive keywords
  • Duplication of content, either by excessive submission of the same page, submitting the same pages from multiple domains, or submitting the same content from multiple hosts,
  • Machine-generated pages with minimal or no content, whose sole purpose is to get a user to click to another page,
  • Pages that contain only links to other pages
  • Pages whose primary intent is to redirect users to another page.

Optimizing your website for the Altavista index

AltaVista indexes all words in your document except for comments. It indexes all text, ALT text for images, links (hrefs and images), anchors, titles, description and keyword meta tags, applet and ActiveX object names, the page URL, the host name, and the domain name. The crawler cannot read words that are imbedded within graphics, so these words are not indexed. AltaVista may not visit all pages included in your Web site. Your Web design may block our crawlers from some pages. In addition, due to the rapid growth of the Web, our crawlers may not visit pages several levels down in your site hierarchy. Put the most important information high in your site hierarchy and be sure your top pages contain links to other important pages.

Webmaster tools from Altavista

Find your pages in the AltaVista Web index.
Enter your domain here http://    

Find pages that link to your site.
Enter your domain or page URL http://    
Don't return pages within this site.


Find pages that use your name in a link.
Company name, product name, etc.     
[Example:"american red cross"]

Find sites that are similar to your site.
Enter your domain here http://    


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