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Search engine AlltheWeb is a business of Overture Services, Inc, owned by Yahoo!. It indexes billions of web pages, hundreds of millions of multimedia, Audio and FTP files, as well as tens of millions of PDF and MS Word® files. AlltheWeb scans the entire web every 7 - 11 days to ensure that our content is fresh and that there are no broken links.

How to get your pages listed on AlltheWeb

  • Our submission service manually submits your site to Alltheweb. (fee)
  • AlltheWeb's submit site page (free)
  • Through Overture Site Match (expensive)

Appreciated content, how to increase page ranks in AlltheWeb:

  • Create a site containing unique high quality content with clear navigation and an intuitive hierarchy.
  • Link appropriately to interesting and useful content and make sure your own content is linked to from other pages on the web (one inbound link per page is the minimum!).
  • Include Metadata (Title, description and keywords) that reflects the specific content of the page.
  • When writing your pages, think about using words or phrases that people are more likely to type in a search box to find your pages

Disapproved content, decreasing your page ranks in AlltheWeb:

  • Pages that negatively affect the ranking precision and diversity of search results.
  • Pages that give the search engine content that is topically different than the page the user sees (often referred to as "cloaking").
  • Pages created exclusively for the purpose of stealthily redirecting the user to another page (often built to be attractive to a specific search engine).
  • Excessively cross-linking between pages or sites to artificially inflate link popularity.
  • Pages stuffed with superfluous keywords that are irrelevant or do not make meaningful sense.
  • Pages, subdomains or domains that have substantially or very similar content.
  • Automatically generated pages created with the purpose of flooding search engine result pages.
  • The use of hidden text and hidden links.

Report SPAM violations to AlltheWeb

If you would like to report an instance of spam in our index please send an email entitled "Spam Report" to spam_websearch. In the mail please set out the search query you performed, and the URLs of the pages you believe exhibit spam techniques.

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