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Add your URL to Alexa. (How to add your url to Alexa)
Simply type your site's web address into the box below, and then click the button. Alexa will include your site in the next crawl of the web, usually within 8 weeks of submission.

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Add your URL to Alexa.
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Submission to Alexa can be done
  • manually through the Alexa site,
  • by using our submission service (see bottom of the page), or
  • directly by filling in this form:

Add your URL to Alexa.

Fill out the form below to be crawled by Alexa.

There are a few reasons that Alexa may not have visited your site. Perhaps your site is new or we haven't discovered any links on the web that lead to your site. Or perhaps we haven't had any Alexa users visit your site. It is also possible that your website administrator has disallowed crawlers from visiting your site - please read the information about robots.txt that we have provided above.

In any event, simply by visiting your site with the Alexa Toolbar open, Alexa will learn of your site and add it to our list of sites to visit, thus ensuring your inclusion in the Alexa service and in the Alexa archive.

If you are the type of person who won't be satisfied until you get to click a button that says "Crawl My Site," then we have just the form for you. Simply type your site's web address into the box below, and then click the button. Alexa will include your site in the next crawl of the web, usually within 8 weeks of submission.


How to check your Alexa PageRank

Above picture is a link to the alexa toolbar. The toolbar provides not only the page rank of any site you visit, it is also a very helpful backlink analyser, pop-up blocker, dictionary and much more. We are not trying to sell it here, it is free and just a very good toolbar.

More ways to submit to Alexa

A listing in the 'directory mozilla', or, will be picked up by the Alexa directory. Note that getting listed by dmoz is free but not easy, and once listed, it will take months before Alexa updates the new dmoz directory results.

AOL search results are 'enhanced' by Google
Google results are also listed on Alexa. In order to get listed on Alexa through Google, read the submit to google page. Alexa enhances Google results with more results. When Google comes up with fewer than 10 results, Alexa automatically fetches additional results from its own "world's largest" index.

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