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Let Addme submit your site! Get one hour of website optimization consult to make your site rank higher, and submit to 150 search engines!

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We get your website in search engines
If you want to show up in search engines, you will have to submit your site to search engines. This is called search engine submission. The Addme service gives you 4 search engine submissions.

Many factors on and around your site will determine if your page will get a top rank for specific keywords or a listing on the 323th search engine result page. Optimizing these factors will result in higher rankings. We call this Website Optimization. The combination of one hour search engine optimization and 4 submissions will ensure a good placement for your site.

Let Addme submit your site: Get one hour of Website Optimization to make your site rank higher and submit to 150 search engines.
We submit 4 times to these engines

What search engines do you submit to?

Your site will be submitted (manually) to Google and Yahoo!, powering major search engines like AOL, Netscape, CNN, HotBot and Alexa, it will be added Altavista and Alltheweb ensuring your site can be found on all the main search engines.

How quickly will I be listed in the top 10?

If you follow up our suggestions it will take about 12-16 weeks depending on the amount of pages that cover the same services as yours. The more time and effort you put into it, the higher your positions will be and the sooner you will get those ranks. Addme's services are for those people and companies that simply can't afford to spend thousands of dollars each and every month on website promotion to guarantee top ranks.
Addme submits your site and compiles a site specific, customized optimization website report for an extremely competitive one-off fee. A site that is just launched, needs about 3 months before it can get a top rank for competitive search phrases. A search for your company name or less competitive search terms can be expected within a month. But, the more competition your site has, the more effort it will be to beat the ompetition!

The Addme Service offers Search engine submission

Our low-cost url submission and optimization will add your site where it attracts the most attention. 150 search engines including Yahoo and Google provide MORE than enough promotion to get your website noticed by 90% of the western internet audience!

You will get an 'Addme' report listing all the sites where your URL is added. You can see the list of search engines on the search engine links page.

The Addme Service offers Website Optimization

Our Website Optimization experts take a close look at your site and will report to you where your site needs improvements in order to get listed higher on the search engines. We know what makes your site rank better, and what causes you visitors to 'stay away' from your site. Remember that with over 6 billion pages in existence, thousands, even hundreds of thousands pages cover the same subject as you do. Understand that getting a top 10 rank involves some skills and work !

Need more support while optimizing your site?

Our standard submission service gives you a complete, personalized Website Optimization consult and a big submission. For those who require extra guidance and support we offer a monthly review and submission of your site for only $29.95 a month !

Why do others guarantee a top rank on search engines and you don't?

Other SEO companies use a program called pay per click. It involves bidding on the keywords you want to rank high for. The higher you bid, the higher your ranks will be on search engines. The initial set-up cost might seem great, ('top 10 ranks on all search engines for 20$/month !') but after paying that you will have to pay for each and every visitor that clicks on your top 10 rank ! For a keyword like 'football shoes' you will have to pay 17 cents for each visitor, using a competitive keyword like 'search engine submission' it will cost you more than 3 dollars for each visitor ! Your 20$ a month top listing actually costs you thousands of dollars !

Addme's website optimization services are for those people and companies that simply can't spend thousands of dollars monthly to guarantee top ranks. Addme submits and makes customized optimization reports for a low cost - A one time fee of 39.95$. You won't have to spend one single extra dollar, just follow up the suggestions from the reports !

Let Addme promote your site

  • Get listed on more search engines: Submit your website up to four times to 150 search engines!
  • Get better rankings on search engines: Get a personal, detailed website optimization consult and make your website visible to more search engines and visitors!
  • Get more sales: Analyzing your site with customer experience in mind!

All this for only $39.95, successive months (submission + full review) cost only $29.95 !

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Search Engines we submit your website to: Alexa | Alltheweb | Altavista | AOL | CNN | Entireweb | Google | Hotbot | iWon | Lycos | Netscape | Yahoo!
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